tæva:rïx almuqædεs

[The Holy Histories]

This is a cyclostyle print.

In the book Prints From Kashghar p. 30, Gunnar Jarring provides the following information about 1901:1. He writes: “The text is incomplete. It ends on p. 44 with an incomplete story about Joseph asking for his brothers’ forgiveness”. Cf. Jarring’s above comment with the information that Jarring has written on a separate small sheet of paper found inside the publication 1901:1 available at the Archive of the Covenant Church of Sweden in Stockholm. Apparently this print’s former location was at Teologiska Seminariet in Lidingö, Sweden.



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Kashgar prints

Publication 1901:1

Language: Eastern Turki
Place: Kashgar
Publisher: S:M:S Mission Press
Year : 1901
Pages: 44 + 4