ruha:nï šir kita:bï

[Spiritual Song-book]

The print contains thirty-three songs with additional songs No. 34-49 on pp. 65-80, originally written in Swedish. Translation into Eastern Turki was made by various authors, Raquette, Högberg, O. Andersson and so on, whose names appear under each song-title. The song-book was edited by Gustaf Raquette.

The original edition of this print has 62 pages and its enlarged edition has 80 pages. Pages 63-80 were printed in 1916 as an addition to the 1913 song-bok.

After page 80, a print from 1922 follows with 102 pages. It is most probable that this is the print 1922:3 that has been merged together with this print, 1913:5. The print 1922:3 is a revised edition of the 1913:5 songbook containing 53 songs. According to p.153 of 1922:3, a temporary song-book of 57 pages was printed earlier in 1922. This means that pp. 58-102 were printed earlier, perhaps already in 1913.

In 1925 (Cf. 1925:1) a revised and enlarged version of the 1922 edition was printed, with the same title and containing 192 songs.


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Kashgar prints

Publication 1913:5

Editor: Raquette, G.
Language: Eastern Turki
Translators: Raquette,G., Högberg, L. E., Andersson, Oscar etc.
Place: Kashgar
Publisher: S.M.S Mission Press
Year: 1913
Pages: 80+102