ta:rïxï muqæddεs

[The Holy History]

This book was translated into Eastern Turki by Magnus Bäcklund (d. in Kashgar 1903), Högberg, and Andersson. Like many other school books printed by the Swedish Mission in Kashgar, this publication was based on a Swedish original. For the Swedish original from the year 1900 see: Norlén, M. V. & Lundgren, J. F., Biblisk historia för folkskolan. Stockholm 1900.


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Publication 1914:1

Editor: Translation revised by O. Andersson and Qadir Molla
Language: Eastern Turki
Translators: Bäcklund, Högberg, O. Andersson
Place: Kashgar
Publisher: S:M:S Mission Press, Kashgar 1914
Year: 1914
Pages: 216