Mission and change in Eastern Turkestan

by John Hultvall


This is an authorized translation of chapters 5, 6 and 7 of the original Swedish text of a comprehensive and groundbreaking work on the history of the Swedish mission in eastern Turkestan. The book, which was published in Swedish in 1981, provides a rich background to the missionary enterprise as well as to how the missionaries experienced the region and the people with whom they were living and working with. The author, John Hultvall (b.1911) never traveled to the region himself. The book is based entirely on letters, literature on the region, interviews with the missionaries’ children, grandchildren and so on. The book is also available at the website of Uniting Church in Sweden (Equmeniakyrkan), UCS.


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Mission and change in Eastern Turkestan John Hultvall


Original title: Mission och revolution i Centralasien
Author: John Hultvall
Language: English
Place: Renfrewshire
Publisher: Heart of Asia Ministries
Year: [1987] 2004
Pages : 63