Prints from Kashghar

By Gunnar Jarring

The eminent Swedish Turkologist Gunnar Jarring had a keen interest in the Uyghurs’ language, history and culture, and was a prolific writer on the subject. In 1929-30 he stayed in Kashghar. During this period he developed a close and life long relationship with the Swedish mission in Kashghar.

In 1991 Gunnar Jarring published Prints from Kashghar: a publication which deals with the activities of the Swedish printing office there. The book provides the reader with a comprehensive background to the establishment of the printing office as well as an extensive list of the various publications printed in Eastern Turkestan as well as in countries such as Russia, Bulgaria, Egypt and more. The publication also contains a glossary and an index of titles written in the Arabic script.


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Kashgar prints 1991


Author: Jarring, Gunnar
Language: Eastern Turki, English
Series: Transactions
Volume: 3
Place: Stockholm
Publisher: Swedish Research Institute in Istanbul
Year: 1991
Pages: 140
ISBN: 91-86884-04-2
ISSN: 1100-0333