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Carte ethnographique du district de Kouldja (1878)

Carte ethnographique du district de Kouldja 1878

This is an ethnographic map of the region of Kulja from the scientific report Le Kohistan, le Ferghanah & Kouldja: Expédition scientifique Française en Russie, en Sibérie et dans le Turkestan (1878) written by Charles Eugène de Ujfalvy de Mezö-Kovesd. Along with three other ethnographic maps depicting different areas of Russian Turkestan, and some twenty tables with anthropological data of the inhabitants of these regions, it accompanies a detailed account of anthropological and ethnographic research conducted in Russian Turkestan in 1877. The different ethnicities to be found in the Kulja district are marked in red with a table to the right giving the number of inhabitants for each ethnicity. Towns and villages along the Ili River and the capital of Kulja are shown in this map.

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