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Konche River (1896)

Konche River 1896

This map can be found in appendix to the third volume of Труды тибетской экспедиции 1889-1890 гг. подъ начальствомъ М. В. Певцова [Works of the Tibetan expeditions 1889–1890 under the leadership of M. V. Pevtsov] edited by M. V. Pevtsov and published in 1896.

It is a small-scale pencil-sketch map showing an area south of Kuruk Tagh Mountain in eastern Xinjiang. The Konche River stretches from the west to east end of the map, along which one can find the travel route of Russian explorer and member of the Tibetan expedition, P. Koslov. To the west of the map the Chiglijk passage is noted and to the south one can find markings for rivers, villages, settlements and roads.

Five other maps are appended to this volume illustrating areas around the Cherchen oasis Keriya River, Przhevalsky Mountains in southeast Sinkiang, Altyn Tagh, and Bagrash-Kul Lake.

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