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Durch Tibet und Turkistan: Reisen im unberührten Asien

Walter Bosshard


The author of this book, Walter Bosshard, gives an account of his travel route through Tibet and Turkestan, with descriptions of lakes in the uncharted highlands, caravan routes in the mountains, the people he encounters and their hospitality. Starting from India, he travels over Kashmir through mountain passes in the Himalayas, and arrives in “the land of the lamas”, i.e. Tibet. He then travels by the Taklamakan Desert, to Khotan. His account includes Buddhist art and a discussion about distrust and rumors. Bosshard’s journey includes a sojourn with Kyrgyz nomads on the outskirts of Pamir and a three-month stay in Kashgar. He proceeds to Asian Russia and finally to Moscow, where he stays for three weeks before returning back home.


Panorama of the Kuen-lun mountains in the upper Karakash Valley. See as: JPGPDF


Author: Bosshard, Walter
Language: German
Place: Stuttgart
Publisher: Verlag von Strecker und Schröder
Year: 1930
Pages: 245


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