На границахь Средней Азии: путевые очерки в 3-хь книгахь:1-3, S.

Na granitsax’ Sredney Azii: putevye ocherki v 3-x’ knigax’: 1-3

On the borders of Central Asia: travel accounts in 3 volumes: 1-3

Д. Н. Логофеть / D. N. Logofet’

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Author: Логофеть, Д. Н. / Logofet’, D. N.
Language: Russian
Place: St. Petersburg
Year: 1909
Pages: 245 (part 1), 208 (part 2), 208 (part 3)


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Map of the Transcaspian region (1909)

The Transcaspian region 1909

Map of Tsarist Russian Central Asia (1909)

Map of Tsarist Russian Central Asia 1909