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Взглядъ на европейскую Tурцию и окрестности Константинополя въ топографическом и военном отношении съ присовокуплениемъ описания главнейшихъ постановлений оттоманской империи

Vzglyad’’ na evropeyskuyu Turtsiyu i okrestnosti Konstantinopolya v’’ topograficheskom i boennom otnoshenii s’’ prisovokupleniem’’ opisaniya glavneyshix’’ postanovleniy ottomanskoy imperii

A glance at European Turkey and the surroundings of Constantinople regarding topographical and military aspects with an account of the main decrees of the Ottoman Empire

M. Ладыженски / M. Ladyzhenski


In this volume accounts are given of European Turkey, the surroundings of Constantinople and the everyday life in the Muslim society of the Ottoman Empire. The author offers geographical descriptions and detailed accounts of the status of the Caliphs and different social institutions such as madrasa (religious college), imaret (cantine) and mektep (schools), mosques and pious foundations. The Ottoman Dynasty is further described through the role of the Sultans, the Paschas, the Sancak and the Ulema, and the Caliph title and the duties of the first Imam towards the Ottoman Sultans. Moreover, the author discusses the wealth of the Ottoman Empire and the Port, the difficult relation between Sunnites and Shiites, the Muslim law and the fatalism of the Muslims. Additionally the author brings up the study of Arabic artefacts and Arabic science and how the Ottomans relate to science and astrology.


Birgit Schlyter


Author: Ладыженски, M.
Language: Russian
Place: St. Petersburg
Year: 1828
Pages: 167


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Map of European Turkey

 Map of Marmara Sea (or The Propontis)